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500 Ounces Of Gold Can Buy You Scenic, South Dakota

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I love the legacy of Deadwood, and just think there is now a town in South Dakota that is available for just 500 ounces of gold.  Who would have thought that you could be your own Seth Bullock or Al Swearengen.   What an opportunity this would be to really own a town in the west!  Included are a saloon, a working jail, and gallery of the Wild Wild West.  I would only hope to own my own place like this!

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Written by Robert L. Wilson

July 29, 2011 at 7:29 am

Safes of Deadwood

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Anyone who loves antiques and safes like I do, is sure to be a fan of the HBO series Deadwood. The City of Deadwood does exist, although the show’s time-lines might be a little skewed, many of the characters where real people of the era. Coin World just had a great article on Seth Bullock, played by Timothy Olyphant, second from the left. But let’s get back to safes here. The first photo shows Sol Star moving a Denver Safe Co. safe into the Star & Bullock Hardware Store. I did the research and cannot verify that this was an actual manufacturer of the era. Even more so from previous research I have found that most safes were manufactured in and around Cincinnati, O., and the industrious Northeast United States. This leads to the third photo where Al Swearengen is speaking to Alma Garret with a safe against the wall, in the fourth photo you see Swearengen leaning to open his safe with the name Hall’s Safe Company. This in fact was a real company. The Hall’s Safe and Lock Company was formed in 1867 in Cincinnati, O. Safes were a must have in the wild west if you where any kind of business man, they were built the American way and damn heavy. The Deadwood series, which ran for three seasons, still has a glimmer of hope, in a recent interview with the shows creator, David Milch says “it’s not dead – he swears!”

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Written by Robert L. Wilson

January 26, 2011 at 8:08 am

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