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2015 First Spouse Gold Coins – Jacqueline Kennedy

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Born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, Jacqueline Kennedy grew up near Washington, D.C., and was educated in private schools and studied ballet. Mrs. Kennedy brought a strong interest in the arts to the White House. Fluent in several languages, she charmed world leaders at the White House and on trips abroad. Co-founder of the White House Historical Association, she gave a televised tour following its renovation. The reverse (tails) depict the species of saucer magnolia Mrs. Kennedy chose to be planted in a White House garden and near the eternal flame at her husband’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. The petals stretch across the globe, its tips connecting the points of some of her most notable diplomatic visits.

Image/Copy: U.S. Mint

Assisted by: Chaisson Cook

Together in One Special Set

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Together in one special set – The 2015 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set-Kennedy includes both the uncirculated John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin and the Jacqueline Kennedy bronze medal, bearing a likeness of the First Spouse Gold Coin. The coin and medal are held in a durable plastic card enhanced with beautiful representations of the President’s and first spouse’s portraits, with issuance information on the back. Pick yours up today!

Image/Copy: U.S. Mint


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