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2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar

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From the early days of the United States Armed Forces, the Infantry has borne the brunt of sacrifice for securing and protecting the freedoms of this Nation, our friends and allies. Now, in commemoration of their bravery and dedication, we are proud to introduce the 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar – paying homage to the Infantry soldier. Minted at the United States Mint at West Point, the coin designs honor the courage, pride, sacrifice, sense of duty and history of the Infantry. The obverse design features a modern Infantry soldier on rocky ground charging forward and beckoning the troops to follow, symbolizing the “Follow Me” motto of the Infantry, with the inscriptions LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST and 2012. The reverse design features the crossed rifles insignia, the branch insignia of the Infantry. Inscriptions are UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE DOLLAR and E PLURIBUS UNUM. Add this striking commemorative coin to your collection today!.

Image/Copy: U.S.Mint

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