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2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Proof & Uncirculated Coins

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2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Proof & Uncirculated Coins

In the 10th and final year of the First Spouse Gold Coin Series, Betty Ford is the second coin released in 2016, and will feature a portrait of Betty Ford. First Lady Betty Ford was born Elizabeth Ann Bloomer on April 8, 1918, in Chicago, Ill., and raised in Grand Rapids, Mich. She had a passion for dance, which she studied at Bennington College in Vermont before joining a noted New York dance company. She met Gerald Ford and they married in 1948 during his campaign for Congress.

After 25 years in Congress, Betty looked forward to her husband retiring from politics. To her surprise, however, he was nominated Vice President following the resignation of Spiro Agnew. She barely had time to adjust to being the wife of the Vice President before she was suddenly First Lady.

As First Lady, Mrs. Ford spoke with unprecedented candor about controversial issues of her time, including drug and alcohol addiction. She was also a passionate supporter of equal rights for women and the performing arts.

After she and her husband left Washington, she continued to speak out on issues that were important to her. She also wrote three books and co-founded a recovery facility, bearing her name, to treat alcohol and drug dependency.

The 2016 Betty Ford First Spouse Gold Coins. Order yours today!

Written by Robert L. Wilson

March 25, 2016 at 1:45 am

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