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2013 United States Mint Silver Proof Set

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Showcasing new packaging the United States Mint is proud to offer the
2013 United States Mint Silver Proof Set®

This prestigious annual set is great for collectors and gift-givers alike! It contains 14 coins, each bearing the “S” mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco. Included in this set are four Presidential $1 Coins honoring past Presidents William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson, five quarters from the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, one Native American $1 Coin, one Kennedy half-dollar, one Roosevelt dime, one Jefferson nickel and one Lincoln penny. The quarters, half-dollar and dime are struck in 90 percent silver, generally referred to as “coin silver.” The silver in these coins can be seen by viewing the edge of the coin in the lens. This set is available today!

Image/Copy: U.S. Mint

Written by Robert L. Wilson

June 7, 2013 at 11:05 am

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