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2012 Native American $1 Coin Design

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The U.S. Mint has released its design for the 2012 Native American $1 coin.  I will be interesting to see that fate of this coin, as well as the Presidential $1 coin series.  Americans just don’t want to give up the dollar bill.

Year:  2012

Public Law:  110-82

Trade Routes in the 17th Century

Designer:  Glenda Goodacre
Description:  The obverse design remains the central figure of “Sacagawea” first produced in 2000, and contains the inscriptionsLIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST.

Designer:  Thomas Cleveland
Engraver:  Phebe Hemphill
Description:  The reverse design features a Native American and horse in profile with horses running in the background, representing the historical spread of the horse. The design includes the required inscriptions, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and $1.

Image/Text:  U.S.Mint

Written by Robert L. Wilson

February 7, 2012 at 7:02 am

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