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James Garfield Presidential $1 Coin Launch | Mentor, Ohio

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The U.S. Mint and The National Park Service are launching the James Garfield Presidential $1 Coin today at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site.  Lawnfield, as is it known, is located at 2095 Mentor Ave. Mentor, Ohio 44060.  I certainly wish I could be there for this historic event.  Having grown up in Northeast Ohio, and attending high school in Mentor, I have fond memories this Presidents home.  I went to Lawnfield on a third grade field trip , and the unique memory I have is that the kitchen was in a separate building behind the house.  I suppose separating it for fire reasons, and the heat of a Ohio summer.  They were making Johnnycake, and being the young foodie I was, once in the gift shop I had to have the book that held the receipt.  Being a lucky one with my Mother as a chaperone, I went home with the book in my little hands.  Needless to say we made johnnycake when I came home from school.  I wish everyone who attends this Presidential Coin Launch leaves with a memory as fond as mine!

Lawnfield: Mentor, Ohio

Image: U.S. Mint

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