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A Message To Our Customers | U.S. Mint

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Dear United States Mint Customer:

We are fully aware of the difficulties many customers encountered last week with the release of the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Set.  We would like you to know that we have undertaken an aggressive review of how we brought the product to market so we can better serve all of our customers in the future.  Dick Peterson, the Deputy Director of the United States Mint, has also directed that the bureau review all future product offerings to ensure that we apply to them the lessons we learned from the marketing of the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Set.

One of the principal sources of frustration was our web and phone order-taking system.  As many of you know, we are in the process of updating our order management system.  Our current system is very outdated and we recognize that it does not serve our customers well.  Accordingly, we recently selected a contractor that will develop and implement our new system—one that will be modern and comparable to other top-rated retail Web sites.  Unfortunately, this transition will take some time; we are anticipating that the new system will be in place by fall 2012.

Our aim is to work earnestly to ensure that the inconvenience and frustration that our regular customers may have encountered last week is mitigated in 2012 as we re-examine our product launch strategies and systems.  We value our relationship with you and are committed to serving you professionally and responsively.  You deserve no less!

The United States Mint

Image/Text: U.S. Mint

Written by Robert L. Wilson

November 4, 2011 at 5:25 am

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