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Unfortunately there is a new wave of sites that are emerging, good in nature but born from evil.  Precious metal, jewelry, and rare coin theft is on the rise and the people are fighting back.  Thanks to the web and social media it’s going to be harder than ever for these thieves to unload these stolen goods.  I was recently befriended by Coin Crimes on my facebook page, feel free to stop by and “like” it.  I am a supporter of any site, company, or person who is there to help victims and can put a stop to these violating individuals!  On the Coin Crimes site you can Report A Crime,  keep up to date on Precious Metal News, and find a link to Every Police Department in the United States in their Resource Center.  The bottom line is “Because gold, silver, and other precious metals are near all time highs, coin and jewelry crimes are on the rise. This site was created so coin dealers and collectors can have a place to come together and stay informed with numismatic crimes.”

Image/Quote: Coin Crimes

Written by Robert L. Wilson

November 3, 2011 at 10:21 am

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