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Vintage Photo of the Third Philadelphia Mint

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Here we have another great photo from the Library of Congress.  This image of the Third Philadelphia Mint was taken in 1905.  As the U.S. economy expanded, it was clear the mint was out growing the second location.  This new building constructed at 1700 Spring Garden St was opened in 1901.  This building was massive and covered nearly a full city block.  The new home to the U.S.Mint was built with Roman style architecture, the inside has magnificent vaulted ceilings with murals portraying Roman coin making. The Third U.S. Mint guided us through two world wars, produced the legendary 1933 Double Eagle, and the 1955 Double Die Lincoln Cent.  Of course we out grew this facility as well, and moved to the current location in 1969.  The Community College of Philadelphia acquired the building in 1973.  Check out other Coinologist archive photo posts here.

Photos:  The Detroit Publishing Company

Written by Robert L. Wilson

March 21, 2011 at 8:08 am

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