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ANA National Money Show|Sacramento, CA

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The 2011 National Money Show in Sacramento, CA will begin this week on March 17th and run through the 19th at the Sacramento Convention Center.  The last time the convention was in Sacramento, which was Spring of 1999, it attracted nearly 10,000 visitors.  This is going to be a magnificent show, and anyone attending will not be disappointed.    The U.S. Mint will be at Booth #433 offering a variety of mint products, and Heritage Auctions will be the Official Auctioneer.  I am certainly disappointed that I will not be able to attend the “Minting and Mining” tour following the show.  If you follow my blog, you will know I love the Carson City Mint, Virginian City, and the lore of the Comstock Lode.  The show is free to all ANA members, and $6 for all Non-members, be sure to read on or visit the website for a discount coupon for admission.

Print our this coupon for a $2 discount on admission.

Photos: American Numismatic Association

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