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Safe Find-Babbitt Brothers-Flagstaff, AZ

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OK, here is a post for all you wild wild west folks.  My good friend and musician Chris Heers is in Arizona this week, and has shared a couple of photos with me that I couldn’t resist posting.  First is the Babbitt Brothers Building, a staple in the Flagstaff community since 1888, and second is what was in the building, a Safe Find!  We all know I love old safes, especially when they have character.  Well the second photo in the slide show, which you should pause and take a long look at, can’t have much more character that this.  Just think a safe that at one time had piles of gold and silver in it from a successful dry goods store in wild west, is now a great display board for an Arizona poster.  That’s why I love these shots, an artifact such as a safe can’t be just thrown in a closet.  Thanks for the photos Chris, everyone be sure to pick up a copy of his CD Western Stars, one of my favorite quotes about his music is “Chris Heers writes in Technicolor.”

Written by Robert L. Wilson

December 28, 2010 at 8:08 am

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