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Road Trip-X5 Damage

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The trip was almost uneventful.  I did have one mishap.  While driving just past the Georgia state line, a dually thought it was a sports car.  I was in the middle lane of a three lane highway, he was coming up on my left very fast.  He decides that the next exit is his and cuts me off, almost missing the exit he hits one of those plastic bubbles in the road.  His tire explodes and the truck jumps to the side.  Now here I am with a front row seat to all of this and now I see this large flap of tire coming right at me.  I veer left to miss it and the piece hit the front corner of the X5.  We both stopped at the next exit and I was able to talk to him.  He was a young punk, and that was the wrong exit he wanted anyway.  He did apologize and got the raw end of the deal.  His rear quarter panel on his truck was blasted from the exploding tire.  The X5 came out smelling like a rose.  Most of the rubber buffed out, thanks to my brother-in-law.

Written by Robert L. Wilson

October 18, 2010 at 8:08 am

Posted in Road Trip

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