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Sharp Wizard QZ-7000

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Before the ipad, smart phones, or the palm pilot, there was the Sharp Wizard QZ-7000.  This was my first personal digital assistant.  It was 1991 and my friend Ryan and I found these, and it was a must have.  Just imagine, 32 kilobytes of memory and a 8 by 16 character black and white lcd screen.  This is so pathetic from the machines we have to choose from today.  But as we all know, carpe diem!   I visited the Computer History Museum a couple of years ago and found one on display.  Needles to say I was overjoyed.  Worthy of mentioning, if you check out the museum wish list, you just might have something that they want.

Written by Robert L. Wilson

October 4, 2010 at 8:08 am

Posted in Cool Stuff, Now & Then

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  1. […] history of both of these fields are so unique and ever so fascinating.  I’ve visited the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley and it’s amazing.  While the modern computer is young in comparison to the […]

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