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National Automobile Museum | Reno, NV

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My time in Reno has been wonderful.  I finally made it to a place I have just always seemed to miss. I am a former Delorean owner and the National Automobile Museum in Reno just happens to have one of only three 24 karat gold plated Deloreans.  So needless to say I was just a little bit excited.  The gold dmc-12 was in the lobby and was the perfect car to welcome me to the museum.  This place is a car enthusiasts dream. It starts off with the first car made in North America and ends with The Thomson Flyer, the actual car that won the 1908 New York to Paris automobile race.   Keep in mind there weren’t many roads in 1908.  Most of the vehicles were donated by William F.Harrah, who was a major player in the Nevada casino world.  If you love cars and are in Reno, this is a must see!  Check out other Coinologist All Things Gold archive posts here.

Written by Robert L. Wilson

September 13, 2010 at 12:08 am

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