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Flashback to 1975-76

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I would like to introduce the coin that started me on a long journey that is far from over.  Born in 1969, I was six when the bicentennial quarter was introduced. It was released in 1975, and had a two year run for the country’s bicentennial itself.  Being from the time when I can still remember silver coinage in circulation, this design really caught my eye as a six year old.  The Colonial drummer designed by Jack L. Ahr had a magical appeal to me at the time.  It sparked a love for all types of coins and the history behind them.  Who spent this coin and what was their story.  I hope to give you a layman’s insight into the coin market, and knowledge you can share with others interested.

1975 1976 bicentennial quarter dollar drummer coin

Written by Robert L. Wilson

May 25, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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